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#Module 1: Introduction To Amazon KDP Income Generator

Introduction To Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing


Creating Your Kindle Account


Verifying Your Account


Submitting Your Tax Form As A Foreigner


Creating Your Dollar Account For Payments


Linking Payment Details To Your Kindle Account

#Module 2: Overview of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Dashboard Navigation Guide


How To Rank Your Books Using The Title, Subtitle, Description, And Background Keywords


How Do Pen Names Work?


Using a pen name to publish your books

#Module 3: An overview of KDP's important and vital information

The Do’s and Don’ts of Paperback, Ebook, and Hardcover Publishing


Researching Niche Markets – Finding Profitable Markets


Spying on Your Competitors


How To Maximize Revenue From Your Book


How to Price Right


Important Information to Avoid Amazon KDP Account Ban

#Module 4: Amazon KDP Book Creation

Overview To Book Creation


The needs For KDP Book Creation


Generating Your Books


Format Your Books and creating your book with a free editor


KDP Book Cover Design with canva


Getting your book Keywords


Analysing Your Book Keywords


Publishing Your First Book

#Module 5: Introduction to Evergreen Books

An overview to Evergreen Books


Evergreen Model Research


Content creation and titling


Cover Creation with Canva


Keyword and Categories Research


Publishing On Amazon

#Module 6: Introduction to Summary Books

An overview to Summary Books


Summary Model Research


Content creation and titling


Cover Creation with Canva


Keyword and Categories Research


A Guide on Summary Disclaimer


Publishing On Amazon

#Module 7: Introduction to Low | Medium Contents Books

An overview to Low and Medium Content Books (e.g Children’s Book, Activity Book, Coloring Book, Word Search Book, and Journals etc.)


Model Research


Secret Website To Get Over 5000 Amazon KDP Low Content Books


Book creation and titling


Cover Creation with Canva


Keyword and Categories Research


Publishing On Amazon

#Module 8: Introduction to Trend Models

Introduction to Trend Models


5 channels for Trend Topic Research


Analysing Trend Topics


Book creation and titling


Cover Creation with Canva


Keyword and Category Research and Analysis


Publishing on Amazon


Adding 8 more categories


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Frequently Asked Questions​

While Amazon KDP is profitable, you need to learn how to make quality books and covers to sell even more effectively

No, it is designed for users of laptops as well as smartphones

No, It is only for laptops and smartphones.

You will be directed to the course area where you can watch your training videos right away. The mentorship group link will also be provided to you.

The mentorship group will provide guidance, and you must apply all the guides; without your efforts, nothing will work.

Certainly, there are different courses out there, but mine is more like a coaching program. It is my goal to ensure that my students are successful in this field by offering training sessions.

I’ve always said this, even the professionals were once newbies. As this course is itself a skill, you do not need any proficiency in writing or graphics to take it; you will learn how to create books without knowing how to write and how to design graphics for your books without having any experience in either field.


The profits, claims, and promises covered in this course are our own results. There is no guarantee that results will be the same for everyone. It is important to keep in mind that your results will vary depending on many factors. Consequently, I have no control over your results.

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